Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Home: Day 1

On the agenda for the day:
-Dinner with the family

Let's start out with my hair cut!! Woot woot!
Cut about 4 inches off and added some layers. Let's just say I'm in love. 

 I'm not sure about you, but I'm VERY particular when it comes to my hair. I have anxiety thinking about it all and nightmares that it will be too short when I cut it. My hair grows like a weed, which is nice. But not so nice when I live out of town. I refuse to let anyone touch my hair other than my hairdresser Isa. I've been going to her since freshman year in high school and she has always cut my hair and done it for special events. My mom jokes that I only come home to see Isa. It's not the only reason, but every time I come home, I make sure I have an appointment. She is seriously the best. If I ever find myself rich and famous, she will be with me every step of the way.

 Here's just a little snippet of what I wore today as well:
Gingham Button Up: Polo
Vest: Forever21
Jeggings: Flying Monkey
Flats: Marshalls
Yummy Lunch:

Now on to some awesome finds at TJ Maxx:
First: We have a EVERLY dress. This is one of my favorite boutique brands. Everly is a BIG name in stores like Lulu's, Modcloth, Francesca's and even BlueTique! We even had this exact dress in blue. How crazy right?!

Second: A new mirror. I need a new one... a bigger one! So TJ Maxx had some few options, nothing that I needed though..

Third: Knock Jack Rogers!! These look identical to Jack Rogers and they're only $30. That's a pretty huge gap for money saving. So go check your local store.

Finally: Two new tops. I have this top in green and as I was walking out of the store I found this top in NEON green! It's hard to see but I about fainted when I saw it.

I also about peed my pants finding out it was only $12.99. Ummm where do I sign up??
Added bonus: found it in this shirt in a light peach. Never can have enough?

 Tomorrow is another full day of seeing family, running errands and a hot date with G! I will take pictures throughout the whole day. Have a good weekend!


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