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Pinterest and Brinley. 

In January, I was wasting time (and probably avoiding homework) on pinterest and found myself drooling over fashion outfits. It just kind of hit me one day that I could make a lot of the outfits I was pinning with my own closet. So the next day for work I decided to throw something together from my closet that was 'pinterest inspired'. I took a photo of the outfit (above) and posted it through instagram as well as facebook. 

The feedback I received from the photo was encouraging and a little inspiring. It made me happy and humbled that others were responding so well to my style. I shared my accomplishment with my friend Brinely and she suggested I start a fashion blog. 

I sat on the idea for about a day and pulled the trigger and started this blog. At the time, it was called "A Serious Southern Shopaholic". Looking back there's very little similarity between how the blog was when it started compared to how it is today.
The main idea for the blog was to showcase affordable clothing while still looking great. I followed and appreciated other fashion blogs, but it always bothered me when their clothing was worth thousands. I wanted to share my style, my way of thinking, and my ability to look expensive on a college budget.

The blog soon consumed my life. It became my baby and I spent countless hours (which turned into days) working to make it better and more professional. I researched, studied, and learned (through trial and error) how to make my blog successful. About a month into blogging, I started gaining more and more followers and nearly tripling page views. As great as it was to see the blog growing, I knew that it still needed to be better. I kept pushing myself for more- more research, more learning, more doing.

I soon dropped the "A" (I know I know, BIG changes) and started to get the hang of things. I (to put it simply) found out what the blog was doing well and made it stronger. I started connecting with others and made friends within the community, which is one of the best parts of being a blogger.

Since January 2012, the blog has grown past my wildest dreams, and is continuing to grow more each month. In October I dropped "Serious" from the title (a little too wordy) and given the blog yet another face lift. It's a great feeling to know that I can be successful when I am passionate about something. As for the future of this blog, I have no idea. But I do know it will always be evolving and changing. I'll never stop working to make it better.

And that's how it all started...

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