Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend Home

Whew! Finally home and man was it a trip! I don't know where exactly to start, but I guess the best place would be from the beginning... I was right outside of Lexington, like RIGHT outside. (Not even 20 minutes out and about 100 feet from the freeway.) I was driving down a two lane highway (with a speed of 60) and 3 cars in front of me STOPED to look at a llama. I did the best I could, but this was the end result:

Luckily everyone is all right. The accident could have been A LOT worse. The police, tow truck, and other people involved said for the circumstances, I did a great job getting out of the way and causing as minimal damage as possible. So that's the bright side. The not so bright side is it added 3 extra hours onto the 7 hour drive home. Wooo?

Finally got in around midnight and was so glad to be home! Not only did I get to finally see my wonderful parents, but I had some presents waiting for me! The first was my valentines gift from my mom: (love!!)
Monogramed towels for the bathroom!
I also bought a top and shipped it home!! (You've seen it in pink and yellow) I found it in blue at and needed it ASAP!! I'm pumped!

Found Here
After the trouble I had getting home, seeing my parents and getting these presents helped make the day better!

Tomorrow it's lots of running around, working out, shopping, running errands, and a hair cut!!! EEK! I'll keep you updated!


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