Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rock and Republic

Let's get serious for a second here. Rock and Republic are now being sold at KOHL'S. Yes you heard that right: Kohls. Uhhhh YES PLEASE!

These jeans have costed over $150 in the past (trust me I own quite a few pairs). Now the jeans, tops, jackets, and shoes are available at Kohls and Kohls online. Every thing is around $60! My mom and I went shopping today for new jeans. Here are some pictures:

Here are some of my finds: 
Skinny crop jeans are very in! Not to mention I love the color!!
Found Here
Had to get them in white as well. Can I just say I'm loving this whole outfit. Even the shoes are R&R!  Had to get them.. I mean they're blue and I love heels. Bye bye paycheck...

Shoes Here
Jeans Here

Hope you fall in love like I have!


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