Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend Home: Day 2

Today was a much needed day. A lot of relaxing! I got to see some family and I even found time for a nap. I can't even remember the last time that happened. Every Saturday my parents meet my grandma for lunch. Today at lunch I was able to surprise her because she didn't know I was coming in! The look on her face was priceless. Where's the camera when you need one! Since I was a special guest for the weekend, I got to pick out the place for lunch. I chose my normal choice of Portillos. If you find yourself anywhere near the Chicago Land area, you MUST try this place out. It's a great restaurant!
Few snap shots of inside:
 And a little peek of my outfit. I love gingham

I also had my date tonight with G! I've known G since my freshman year of high school and we've managed to stay really close all these years. We kind of have a deal where once a year (usually over Christmas break since we're both home at the same time) we meet up and go out on a little date.  We're going 5 years strong! But this time we both luckily found ourselves home for the same weekend so this time we we're able to make it a twice a year date! We went for ice cream and a movie this time, so here's what I wore:

Dress: BlueTique
Shoes: Ciao Bella
Scarf: Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Land Escape
Just a simple dress with boots and a scarf! My mom so graciously let me borrow her scarf for the night! She loves Lilly Murfee scarfs and I love to borrow them! So thanks mom!! 

People associate dresses a lot of the time with being really dressy and not as casual! *Here's a tip: When wearing a dress and wanting to dress it down, add boots! The dress says dressy but the boots say casual. It's a perfect combination! 


And last but not least, a picture of G and I! We forgot to ask someone to take our picture so we had to snap this not so great picture at home. G was being difficult and would only take one so here it is!

On the agenda for tomorrow:
-Workout with Dad
-Bloomies with Mom (having a big sale)
-Shopping for a bigger mirror
-Getting the car looked at :(

Have a great weekend!


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