Monday, February 6, 2012

21st Birthday Shot Book

Today is one of my very best friend's 21st birthday. She is one of the most wonderful, fun, caring, and prettiest people I know! A while ago we were talking about our shot books and our concern for it. I promised her I would make sure it got done. Well, I'm keeping my promise! She has gone back home for the semester, which has broken my heart. But she will be back after the semester's over. So since I can't spend the day with her and give her the book in person I thought I'd do it on here.
So here we go, Ms. A's shot book!

We start off with a pretty picture:

And then add some silly ones!

This is a personal favorite 

Here's to shot number one, back to a time where we first met and started all our fun!

Shot number two is for my favorite memory with you!
(toga night of course)

Even though times have changed, shot number three goes to thanking Alpha Phi

We're trying to get you back to the birthday before, when you took a nice little tinkle of Phi Delt's floor. Even though you don't remember, that makes this shot number four

The morning after is always the worst, we were barely even alive. Tomorrow will be this day again, be sure to thank shot number five


No words are needed for this pic, just take shot number six

You're an angle, I'm you're heaven. This rhyme has nothing to do with the picture, so that means it's time to take shot seven

You can't fool me, it's never a surprise. Take shot eight and put on those drunk eyes 

This shot is for you: dear friend of mine. From my glass to yours, take shot nine

 Hey Mr. Bartender make shot ten strong, because I'm sure it wont last long

 Let's take it to another level, take shot eleven and act like a rebel!

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four. Time to take shot twelve and make it one more!

Boyfriends? psh please! We're players for life, about to take shot thirteen

I loved doing your hair for greek sing. Let's do it every year... or not, and just take shot fourteen

Tan, sexy and lean. Let's go back to summer and take shot fifteen 

Pretty in pink, pretty in green. I love both our dresses, let's take shot sixteen!

After everything we've been through, always remember one thing, you will always have me! Now take shot seventeen

Date parties and formals, wanting to always be seen. How are you feeling now? Ready for shot eighteen

I'm not trying to be mean, but do you know how hard it is to come up with rhymes for all the teens?! So here's to the last, but not least- shot nineteen

How are you feeling? Ready for shot twenty? Get off the floor. Dry up the tears! After this- there's only one more.

We're almost there, almost done. Now take your last shot, and party like you're TWENTY-ONE 

A, I love you more than words can describe. It's you and me till the end.. Forever. Promise! 

Please don't die tonight.


  1. My dearest K,
    I'm speechless and taken back by your electronic shot book handy work! This is so unbelievably thoughtful and completely amazing of you!! It had made my special day that much better. Your creativity and kindness has brought me to tears. Everyone of our "moments" is captured; good, bad, pretty, AND ugly (thanks for that btw). This is something I will cherish and remember always. Thank you for all that you do everyday by just being there and for constantly having my back. I can stand taller knowing I have someone as perfect as you on my team! Love you forever and always,
    Ms. A ;)


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