Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday & Weekend Wrap Up

Take a moment to enjoy the view

Let's first off address the elephant in the room... Today is the Super Bowl. Want to know what I'm doing for it? Eating dinner and doing homework. Want to know how much I really care? Take a look at the conversation I had today. 

We have a... special relationship, A and I. I like to think I'm really funny, witty, and different. He thinks I need help. So about all of our conversations go like this:

(A is on of my very best guy friends and I have a nickname for him. So when you see the name it's not "a bear", it's "A" and his nickname)

I like the NFL and all but I have two teams and one quarterback I support and follow. Is it so much to ask that one of them is in the Super Bowl?? Once I realize none of them will be in the big game, I turn all my attention to college basketball. And by college basketball, I mean the only team that really matters.. Kentucky

Our conversation followed with this:

I told you we have a special relationship.

Now on to the rest of the day
I worked again today. So here's What I Wore: Work

Jeggins: Flying Monkey

Top: Peppermint (Old) From BlueTique

Has a necklace built in! How cool!!

Another picture of it

Shoes: Steve Madden Pammy
I need these in more colors!
 I also love to change clothes at work, so I threw on this Everly skirt! Thoughts?

Like I mentioned before, I paint my nails a new color every week. Found this neon nail color at rite aid and gave it a shot! It probably wont last very long though. The nail polish sucks. It was watery so it needed a lot of coats then it wouldn't dry!! Ugh. It was a pain. But I sure do like how it looks in this picture

I was on the way to workout- ignore the watch

Have a great Sunday!


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