Monday, February 6, 2012

My Style: Arm Candy

Candy? I like candy! (A famous line from my mom)

I've gotten a lot of questions about my jewelry lately, so I thought I'd just make one big post about it! As you can usually see in my pictures, I wear a lot of bracelets. A lot of jewelry on your arms have a new title called: Arm Candy (hence the title post). I thought we could take a close up look at everything and I could share where you can get your own!

First take a look back at old pictures with the jewelry: 

Silver Ball Bracelet: Ralph Lauren

As you can see each day calls for different colors and combinations!

Now here are some arm candy picture's I've taken:

 Made the pearl bracelet!! 

 Gold bracelet: Macy's (similar here)

Big gold bracelet (on right) : Etsy (similar here)
Lilly Pulitzer Charm Bracelet (on right): (similar here)

Cross bracelet: Bluetique (similar here)
****Girls on a budget: find knock DY here!****

 So here all all my regular bracelets and watches off my wrist:

My golds:
Left to Right: 
Mens Gold Armitron 
Silver MK
White Vivian
Gun Metal and Rose Gold MK

I purchased a white fossil watch, but never wore it so I gave it to my sister and found this one lying around. The gold one I wear all the time because I love how big it is. This was before the whole MK watch obsession kicked into place and before it was popular to have big watches! The silver is my most worn watch, for obvious reasons. And the last MK was a christmas gift that I LOVE!

Any other questions, let me know! I love hearing from you guys!



  1. OMG! The gold chunky bracelet on Etsy is amazing, it must be mine ASAP. I feel like wearing tons of bracelets now, also friendship bracelet are soo fashion right now :))

    1. Thank you! I hope you get one :) They're awesome! Plus etsy has some super cheap ones. How can you resist!

      What type of friendship bracelets? I think I may be behind on this trend! Do share!

  2. Friendship bracelet of all kinds, my favourite are simple with different color stripes (I bought one on the shop you linked) or Peruvian style, I like to mix a lot of them. I saw them on fashion editors and seems they are going to be a must!

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