Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I wore: Rainy Day

Yet another rainy day in Lexington.. anyone really surprised? I tried to change it up and not wear the sweater scarf combo! Enjoy!

Shirt: Forever21
Boots: Ciao Bella

Vest: Forever21

Jeggings: Flying Monkey

I was wearing my regular boots until I saw that there was an 80% chance of rain! So I broke out the rain boots... Decisions decisions! 

Green to match the vest or black to match the shirt?

Option 1

Option two

And the winner is.....

The black one's of course!

Boots: Peggy's
I love Monogram! 

I also wanted to show m super cool rain/snow/everything jacket! The North Face is the best!
It seems like a regular black jacket.... right?

Houndstooth inside! How fun!

Jacket: North Face
(the link is the only one I can find for sale!)
You can see it from behind as well!

Gotta add the Lilly umbrella!

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