Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things I love: Nike Shorts

Lets talk about shorts, baby! Lets talk about you and me, let's talk about norts! (Sorry that song was totally in my head) But really, lets talk about Nike Shorts, or as they're now called "norts." Norts is just really the easier way to say Nike Shorts. Nike+Shorts=Norts. Simple enough right?

We'll start from the beginning. I've cheered almost my whole life so soffe shorts where all the rage! I had almost every color and I wore them all the time. But by the time I stopped cheering senior year I decided I was over soffe's and bought my first pair of nike shorts. They were the simple all black with the white edge shorts. Very basic. Well of course after buying these, I fell in love. Before I came to UK I went shopping at the bookstore and bought two pairs of UK nike shorts- one blue and one pink. Then I started shopping around for good prices (what I do best). And I found sales at sporting stores and online. Then I stumbled upon this little picture:

Found on TFM
Before I saw this picture, I had about 10 pairs. After I saw this picture, I realized that wasn't enough. 

(Ironically we have the same comforter) I loved all of them, I loved this picture, and I wanted as many as this girl had! My boyfriend at the time thought I was crazy! I just call it being a shopaholic. Same thing? Not that he helped the situation either, he would treat me to new pair of shorts once and a while! Now a year later, I can proudly say that I have stopped shopping for new norts. Why you may ask? Because it's quite possible I own every pair. 

Wanna see?

It was laundry day so sorry for lack of bed decor!

So there it is. My collection. I'm done shopping! (Even though Mom bought me two new pairs for Christmas since this picture was taken) I wear them all the time. All year long! Everyday for workout, hanging around the house, running errands in the summer, classes, hanging with friends- anything! I mean I have so many colors I know I'll always have something to match!

I even found this picture on pinterest! I was honored :)

And some girl stole the picture and posted in on her own... How weird!
My little showed me this: 

But all in all, If you don't own a pair, I would invest some money in some! They're great shorts. 
Well done Nike!



  1. I'm glad you mentioned me :)
    I wouldn't let random girls take credit for your hard work!

  2. Lol you gotta step up and claim the picture as your own! Don't let them have credit!

    1. hahaha I should, but we all know that they're really mine and that's good enough for me!

  3. I love how someone from Georgia posted it when there are blatantly UK shorts in the picture. :)

  4. This is nothing to be proud of. It's a disgusting trend. Nike shorts are for WORKING out. Try putting on actual clothes instead of being so lazy. I figured someone who admits to being this tacky would be a sorority girl - you're all tacky clones obsessed with vera bradley, northface, nike shorts, guy harvey, sperrys, and nike shox. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee stop the madness! You are all so freaking ugly and there is just too many of you. D:


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