Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seen in Green!

Yesterday was my Aunt Pam's birthday and since she is such a big supporter of my blog- I thought I'd do a post for her! If there's one thing she loves, it's the color green. It works out perfectly because green is going to be really big this Spring! In this post I want to show you some of my inspirations and then show you the green things in my closest that I love! 

First off green pants! Colored jeans are huge right now!

Striped and simple green tops. Easy enough!

Ahhhh another Must Have!! The green blazer!

Simple ideas to add green into your wardrobe! Even simple green accessories work

Now on to my wardrobe!  

My own green Blazer! Woo!

My sister and I on Christmas

Top: Bluetique (same as the two below) and ModCloth!

Two tops above are from Bluetique as well!


Everly Top: Here


So that's about all the green in my closest! Go out and buy some green, it's not just for St Patty's day anymore. Be seen in green :)


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