Monday, January 28, 2013

One Year Q & A

As promised, I'm here to answer all the wonderful questions you asked! Some are general, some are pretty in depth but all are awesome. So enjoy...

1. How old are you? 21

2. Do you have any siblings? Yes, youngest of 6 (3 girls, 3 boys- brady bunch style)

3. What do you do in your free time? I like to eat (a lot), sleep, travel, and watch movies

4. What do you want to be once you graduate college? My answer for this is always 'Happy' but I know you want to know more... I'd LOVE to go back and travel Europe for a few weeks right after I graduate (cough cough graduation present parents? cough cough) BUT... The plan (always subject to change) is to move, work for the MLB doing social media, and open my own store. Wide enough range right?

5. What is your hair care routine? Like products and how you style! Well, sorry to disappoint, but I don't have one... After the shower (shampoo/conditioner: moroccan oil) I use moroccan oil treatment  (when hair is still wet) and usually let my hair air dry  and that's that, but sometimes I will blow dry my hair. Pretty exciting stuff if you ask me!

6. How has your college experience been thus far? Um... absolutely amazing. I've learned so much about who I am and I what I want out of life. I've made friends I'll have for life and have more stupid stories then I should. People weren't kidding when they said it'll be the time of my life. If I could write a book about college, I totally would. It was that good.

7. What did you eat while you were in London and Dublin? What didn't you like, what did you love, what surprised you the most? I ate everything... hahah I like to eat! But we would find random little restaurants here and there. Anywhere we could find really. But I did find this little French cafe that was the best food I had in London. I didn't like how small the food was for the price and I hate having to pay for water. Rude. I loved trying new things and what surprised me the most was how much better the food was in Dublin, because really everywhere in London (minus the French cafe) was not good.

8. What advice would you give to new bloggers (like myself) that want to see their blog grow? 1. Be yourself 2. DON'T and I mean DON'T copy someones blog post and say it's your own (it's happened, and still is happening to me and it's driving me up a wall) 3. Show your style 4. Link items through 5. USE SOCIAL MEDIA to your advantage (trust me, it really helps) 6. Post everyday 7. Stay current 8. Post about what makes you happy 9. Have interaction with followers 10. giveaways are always fun for everyone!

9. What is your favorite clothing item you own? And favorite accessory? Call me crazy, but I love my simple white long sleeve shirt from H&M Basics. It goes with everything (duh) and it'll never go out of style. Favorite accessory? My monogram necklace, never take it off. 

10. Do you ever regret any of your clothing/accessory purchases? i.e. too expensive, never wear it, etc. Yes, yes, and yes. All the time. I think I like something, and I end up not loving it when I come home, or I'll buy a dress for a particular event, change my mind before the event and end up never wearing it. Most of the time I'll return things, re-sell them, or find a way to 'make it work'

11. What is something you think that every girl should own (article of clothing/accessory) and why? A watch, a monogram necklace, and a good pair of jeans. Why? because all of these are timeless, basic, and overall awesome.

12. Have you ever thought of video blogging? I actually haven't... would that be something y'all would like to see? Because I can make it happen. Let me know in the comments below

If there are any more questions, feel free to ask- I'm an open book!


  1. LOVE that your answer to number two! Seriously, I love MLB so that is beyond exciting!

  2. I seriously love your blog and style. I inspire to be like you. I hope you are having a great day!!

  3. I totally think you should video blog! I just started to myself and its so much fun! Way different from blogging and a little awkward at times. Try it out and see if you like it!

  4. I would love to see video blogs!!!


  5. Thanks so much for answering my question, Krista! :)

    Also, a video blog would be AWESOME.

    -Jenna Brianne


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