Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Wear: L.L. Bean Duck Boots

A little while ago I asked for some help picking out a new pair of L.L. Bean Duck Boots and I received some wonderful feedback, so thank you! I chose to buy the 8" blue bean boots (found here). I wanted to first start off by saying I love them! They're really some great shoes.

I also posted a picture on instagram (@kristalinn14) of my new boots:

But the question from many is this: How do you wear them? Answer: I wear them with everything! Take a look:

 1. With a dress:

I first got this idea from Sarah Vickers (a blogger who I love!) and she wore them with a dress. So I thought I'd try the same. Of course, they don't go with every dress in my closet, but they sure do match a few. An example being the one above. 

2. With high socks:

(Necklace: Dillard's)

This is how I see a lot of people wearing them. Just with simple socks that come over the top of the boot. And of course add a pair of skinny jeans or leggings to make it a cleaner look!

3. With boot liners

And finally, my own little style: boot liners. These bad boys are originally made for rain boots. But I love the cable knit of them so much that I wanted to try them with my duck boots. It worked out pretty well if you ask me! The liners are from L.L. Bean as well (found here).

So there are a few ways I personally wear them, what do you think? Is there another way you chose to wear duck boots? I'm interested to hear!


  1. love your looks! the duck boot is a closet staple!!!! cozy, chic & WARM!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  2. I'm so torn between the 6&8". I love how these are styled though, especially with a dress!

  3. I love my 8s! I had been lacing them all the way up. Googling has now let me know that they look way cuter without lacing the top 2 holes. (Also, totally stalking you on instagram now!)


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