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Alrighty! Here is my post about the second week abroad. I spent this week in Dublin. Before the trip everyone was talking about how I was going to just love London. London this and London that... but no one really ever talked about Dublin. There were a few exceptions where I found someone who had been once or twice. I of course asked them what there is to do there... like where to go or what to see and everyone, I mean everyone, I talked to said the same thing: drink. I mean Dublin has over 1,000 pubs. Crazy right?! 

No one told me how much fun it was going to be. I'm not sure if the group just became closer or if we really just had the time of our life in Dublin. I think a part of it was I had such high expectations for London and zero for Dublin that I was almost disappointed by London and blown out of the water in Dublin. Every day was amazing and every night was even better. I think it really did help that the people I was with were absolutely amazing. We became this little group of best friends and did everything together. Can you imagine trying to coordinate and go with a group of 30 people everywhere? Hard work. 

But anyways, let's start this post about my time!

The first stop in Dublin was The Brazen Head which is the oldest Pub in Ireland. Although a lot of Pubs claimed they were the oldest... But they had amazing food!

The next stop after lunch that day was St Patricks Cathedral. It was really pretty (I love old Churches) and our tour guide told us all about the history of Ireland and St Partick. It was really interesting to learn about. And our guide has such enthusiasm!

After that (it was a jam packed first day) we went to Trinity College and saw the book of Kells. We weren't allowed pictures inside so that wasn't any fun, but I did take a few snap shots of the outside! It was a gorgeous campus! 

That night a group of us went out to the first bar we could find just to break in Dublin! It was more of a relaxing night hanging around with friends. The place was pretty dead because it was so early, but we had a blast! For some reason all the music there is way behind the time and it was all old 90's music! We had so much fun dancing outrageously to the songs we grew up to. And when I say we danced crazy, I mean it. Sprinkler, two step, horrible robot... anything. We were just being so silly and we had an amazing time. 

The next day we ventured to Croke Park (the head of the Gaelic Athletic Association). Where the Gaelic Games are held. It was interesting to see how different sporting venues are in places like Dublin compared to the US. I'm a bit of a sports fanatic so it was really cool for me to go and see the stadium

The place to go in Dublin at night is the Temple Bar area. It's like their 'downtown' where are the pubs and clubs are right next to one another and it's filled with people. Later that night after dinner, the group decided to find ourselves a traditional Irish Pub with a live band and that's just what we did. We went to THE Temple Bar! (it's Dublins most famous bar). Somehow all of us got amazing seat right up front and had the most amazing time.

Y'all might not understand, but this was hands down one of the best nights of my life. I can't pinpoint one specific reason why, but everything about that night was amazing. The music, the people, the drinks- everything. If I could do it again, I'd jump at the opportunity. 

our drink menu...

The next day we went on a little hike of Glendalough Co Wicklow. It's one of Irelands most beautiful destinations as well as one of the most visited places in Ireland. I can understand why! The scenery was gorgeous!

We also stopped by an old jail in town! The actors were the best part!

That night we wanted to have just as much fun as the night before! (which was hard to do, but we managed). Most of the days on the trip, including days in London, we had to be up and ready, already ate and good to go by 8am. This night we realized we didn't have to be anywhere until noon. So we did the responsible thing and went out knowing we were able to sleep in! We hit a few different pubs here and there until we found a great little place where we posted up for the night.

If there is any night that we all joke about, it was this night. We all poke fun at each other for the silly things we all did. But it was a lot of fun. We just enjoyed the city!

Before getting to Ireland we were informed that we should NOT order Irish Car Bombs (for obvious reasons). So with a little help we figured out that they're called Polish Car Bombs... weird right? I just found that very interesting. I'd never had one before, but that drink was not for me... I found a friend to pass it off to.

The next day was one of my favorite stops in Dublin! We went to the Guinness storehouse. I'm not much of a beer drinker and especially not a dark beer drinker. I had tried Guinness once or twice before and hated it. But I was convinced to try it in Dublin and then again at the factory. I was amazed! It tasted SO different! It was actually good here. Surprise surprise! (Side note: one of the guys on the trip had it when he got back to the states and said it tasted horrible, so I wont be drinking it again until I go back to Dublin!)

What I found fun was you could get certified at the factory to pour the perfect glass of Guinness! Abby and I took the time and found it was a great experience. We made friends as well as pouring the perfect glass! (There's a science to it, look it up)

Later that night we took more of a chill tempo and just hung around some pubs. It was our last official night to go out and we were all pretty drained. That was the idea at least... we ended up going and finding a club (the only thing open on Sunday? Totally normal...) and I have photos from it, but for my sake and others, I will not post them. We'll just leave it at the idea of a really good last night out. Bang bang. 

The last day was one we had to ourselves to just hang around the city for one last time. We spent part of the morning watching a movie. After that (and a little nap) we went out to site see and walk downtown and shop a little. We also planned having one last dinner with everyone. A nice dinner that we were able to share together and also hand out awards!

My roommate Lucy and I were just being super silly and wrote up awards for everyone... Some were super weird like "Most likely to find wifi in a tanning bed while on jersey shore" to "most likely to stay in dublin, become a tour guide and get everyone lost" to "biggest bro" and "best dancer" to name a few. They were just one big inside joke. I will however, not reveal mine as it is a little embarrassing. But I will share one award that my roommate and I received: "Cleanest Room" take a look: 
Oh yea, that's real life right there. 

The next day we flew home and that was it! Going abroad was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I wanted to thank my parents especially for letting me have the opportunity to do such a life changing thing! Y'all are the best! I also wanted to say thank you to the amazing people I spent two weeks with. These are people I will surely never forget and will always have a special place in my heart. 

So if you ever get a chance to go abroad, GO! What are you waiting for?! It's amazing!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Erica

  2. Ahhh, the memories! We just spent a week in Ireland in October and loved it! It's true, it far exceeds any expectations one may have.

    And, although it's touristy, THE Temple Bar was one of my fav stops in Dublin as well! It's so cozy!

    Great posts!!

    Here's what we did in case you're interested:

  3. This trip sounds amazing, Krista! Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us!

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