Friday, December 7, 2012

New Years: ASOS

I'm back! Thank you for being understanding and letting me take a break while in Nashville. I will blog all about my time and give you some play by plays Monday! But today's post is all about New Years! So every Friday until New Years I will be posting about what to wear on the big day. To break it up, I'll do it by store. Today is all about some ASOS.

ASOS is a wonderful wonderful store that I suggest everyone to shop from! They have free shipping both ways which is a huge bonus. One thing I love about ASOS especially is the video feature they have. You're able to see the way the clothing moves.

I wanted to also do the first post about ASOS so I could show you what I'm wearing for New Years! As I posted on instagram (@kristalinn14) yesterday, here's the dress: (also comes in white)

Below are more options and my picks (all about some sequin dresses) for New Years. What are your plans?


  1. The dress you picked it pretty! I will definitely have to check that out, especially because purple is my favorite color!

    - K.

  2. Love that black dress with the metallic around the waist!
    I'll be working for New Years, so no plans!

    I am doing a Holiday Giveaway from Sephora! Hope you stop by and enter!

    Happy Holidays,

    Brooke♥ ❤ ❥

  3. this isnt "fashion", its sorority central. why dont you try going to "real" fashion blogs like or at least these girls know how to dress with a unique trend, instead of dressing like 90% of the sorority girls around college campus.

    1. You'll notice that most of the "unique trends" these blogs are touting are coupled with items from Valentino, Burberry, Chloe and other brands that really aren't relevant for a majority of women in their 20s.

      Krista does an amazing job and knows her market and readers. Keep being angry looks really good on you.

  4. I love everything about this blog post! The dresses are super cute and its such a pretty shade of purple

  5. Love your NYE dress pick! So classy and a great way to stand out from the crowd that normally sticks to black/white/silver. :)


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