Monday, December 10, 2012

Coca-Cola Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready for this week! Today starts finals week for me so I'd like to focus on anything else. Today is going to be a little short, but wish me luck! It's a big (busy busy busy) day!

A good friend of mine at school is interning with Coca-Cola and she asked if I could help spread the word! She's been kind enough to provide me with some links, that if you could just click on and visit! It's for a great cause. I mean who doesn't love coke! And there are polar bears! Check it out:

Care about Polar Bears? 
@CocaColaCo has since 1922! See what they’re doing with @World_Wildlife in the Arctic

Coca-Cola Freestyle Mobile App

Live Positively : with 250+ programs worldwide, @CocaColaCo is giving kids a reason to get off the couch & move. 
Check it out and share this post

Coca Cola Freestyle Machine: @ccfreestyle machine has more than 100 exclusive brands. It’s the new way to drink Coca-Cola. 

Thanks so much!

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