Thursday, November 1, 2012

What I Wore: 3 Nights of Halloween

For those in college, Halloween always makes itself into a 3 day event: the Friday and Saturday before and actual Halloween day (unless of course it falls on a weekend, duh). Well as we all know Halloween was Wednesday (yesterday) so that meant 3 nights of Halloween for me!

I celebrated like it was my last hurrah of senior year. And it turned out to be the most fun Halloween I've had so far. Spent my nights with great costumes and even better friends! Check it out:

Night One:
R took me to his fraternity date party. We ended up just going downtown (it's the senior thing to do) and had a blast! We dressed up as Pokemon. I was Pikachu and he was Ash!

Night Two:
I wanted to save my costume for the real Halloween so I resorted to past costumes. Last year I was a spartan cheerleader (from SNL- if you haven't seen this skit, go to youtube NOW!) and the year before I was a banana (my date was a monkey). So M (my little) and I just reused old costumes and had ourselves a grand time!

Night Three:
(The Real Halloween)
This was last night! It was SO much fun! I dressed up as a kissing booth. I thought it was super original and cute! It turned out (of course) to be a great conversation starter and a fun way to meet people. Downside: I was in a box the whole night. I couldn't sit, hug people, dance (well at least), pick up anything from the floor or MOVE. Bars are crowded on Halloween and being in a big box that takes up a lot of space isn't favorable in a crowd full of drunk people.

Other than that, it was great. I got a lot of compliments everywhere I went and lots of praise for having such a great costume! It was really simple to make actually! 

Paint (red and white)
Two yard sticks
Red ribbon
Yourself and a cute dress!

Here's some pictures (from all angles):

(not super cute from the back with all the tape!)

And yes, I really did charge people! These kisses don't come free!

Here's my little M and I. She was a Christmas present!

And here's a picture of all the cash-monay I collected during the night!*
*Note: I did not give any kisses on the lips- only on the cheek, I didn't say no when given dollars (who has change on them any more?) and I had a lot of friends who love and support the cause*
It total, after some late night food I came home with a whopping $18.76 (I found a penny)

So that's was my Halloween! I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. Feel free to send any candy my way. The thing that sucks about getting older is no more free candy! Madness!

I'd love to hear what you were! Was was the best costume you saw?


  1. I love your costume! So cute and original. My favorite costume I saw this year was Bill Lindberg from Office Space- with mug!

  2. That is so cute! I was a princess, of course, and loved the clever costumes best of all. But, I think Miranda Lambert as Honey Boo Boo takes the cake for the night :)

  3. Your Kissing Booth costume is so awesome! It is super cute :)

  4. The kissing booth idea is so great! I love that you charged too lol

  5. great costumes! I didn't do anything I was working on a paper, but this saturday I'm going to a party dressed as Audrey Hepburn's character Holly from Breakfast at Tiffanys :)

  6. Love the costume. The one that made me laugh the most was someone wrote #drunk on a shirt. Obviously that took little thought, but a good idea

  7. Adorable! Loved the Spartan!



  8. Just came across your blog and enjoying catching up! LOVE this idea:)


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