Monday, September 3, 2012

No White (and etc.) After Labor Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful labor day! I fully enjoyed my day off by sleeping in till the mid afternoon, moving from the bed to the couch, watched a nice movie, went to the gym and found myself back on the couch. Sounds like a pretty great day though right?

Before we get started, I just wanted to warn everyone, I'm about to rant. So here we go!

Well, as we fashionistas know, labor day brings baggage. LOTS of baggage in the form of rules. Yuck! 

After Labor Day Fashion Rules:
1. No white
2. No seersucker
3. No sandals?
4. No patent leather? (I want to know who wears patent leather)
5. No linen or madras?

But where there's a rule, there is always a rule breaker.
(yours truly)

...Especially when it comes to my white pants and seersucker. I was wearing my pants before easter and I'll be sure to wear them after labor day! I mean if it's warm, why not? Who's going to tell me I can't? 

History Lesson Time:
The no white after labor day rule is one of fashion's most honored traditions. Labor day marked the time of the year when the affluent would come back from vacation. So as they came back, they would transition their clothes and put up the light weight, and bright colors for the winter. And so came these "after labor day rules."

Well GUESS WHAT! I'm not following this rule. I love my white pants! I love my seersucker! And I live in sandals! So whoever doesn't like it, that's their own problem. I challenge you to break some rules. I mean YOLO right? Go do your thing. girl! As for me, I'll be wearing my white pants and jacks today, strutting my stuff around campus without a care in the world.

Here's to the rules (*raises glass*)

So what do you think? Am I crazy or are you with me?


  1. Oh my gosh all of those outfits were so cute!!! And I totalllly agree... I wear white year round! Who cares!


  2. i wear white whenever i feel like it. especially now that designers are making white pieces with thicker materials for fall/winter, etc. a few more to add to the list::: animal print, fur, metallics. as far as only winter type of items. i say, now days, its all year round and totally depends on how you style it!!


  3. Totally agree!! I've been waiting to wear my white pants with my chambray shirt (because it's been too hot to wear a long sleeved shirt!) and fully intend on doing so once its cooler!! I go by the weather and NOT the calendar! :)

  4. Amen sister!! I love my white pants & my sandals! {hello, I live in Florida!!} I loved this post :]

  5. I never listen to this rule! I prefer to follow rules of the long as it's warm and sunny, I'll be wearing white :)

  6. what is the app that you use that creates the sparkle effect?


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