Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I Wore: Dustin Lynch Concert

Friday Dustin Lynch put on a free concert at a local bar in Lexington called Tin Roof! Of course I had to go! I love him! It was a great time minus the hundreds of people packed in the bar. He put on a great concert, and I just LOVE how much cuter these country singers are in person. Let me tell you a little story of what happened:

I was running late from work and I actually ran into Dustin when he was getting off his tour bus (I came up the back way to the bar). I'd like to say that I was my pleasant, normal, and cute self... but when he saw me he smiled, I melted. He said hello and I blushed. I did about anything to keep myself from fainting and just giggled and said hi. Then he said I'll see you inside and I just nodded. Stopped dead in my tracks. 

I always liked to think that if I met someone famous I'd be cool and normal, but obviously this WAS NOT the case. I ran inside, all giddy and told my friends. But hey, at least I looked cute! Check it out:

The key to country concerts is simple! Only two things are needed to insure you'll be the best dressed there. Ready for the secret?

1. Cowboy boots
2. Sundress

It's a winning combination that has NEVER gone wrong.

My love:
Dress: BlueTique (old)//Shoes: Vintage shop in Lexington

Here's a little refresher just incase you're blanking on who he is:


  1. I adore this dress! That story is so funny! I would like to think I would be calm and collected as well, but when I ran into some of my biggest celeb crushes I was anything but!

  2. What is the brand of this dress?! I absolutely need to find it!


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