Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Style: The Monogram Necklace

So for a while now, I've been drooling over monogram necklaces. Searching and scoping one out for a good couple of months. BUT THEY'RE ALL SO DANG EXPENSIVE! Anyone else have this problem? it's super annoying because I don't want to pay $100 for a necklace. I'll admit that I am very picky when it comes to my monogram as well, so the cheaper necklaces I did find were yuck!

Late one night I was on etsy and came across this monogram shop called Personalized Necklace by Karen. She sells monogramed necklaces and bracelets of all sizes as well as other cute things. The best part about it all? The necklaces range from $20-$60! Of course it all depends on what size you want and choosing between gold and silver. I got the gold plated 1.25in monogram (here). And I LOVE it! I've worn it everyday since I got it in and I'm now saving up to buy a silver one!


Here are some photos (that I've already posted) of the necklace!

Karen has also offered my readers a 10% discount code for purchases through her Etsy store! By using the code:

So go shop away! Get yourself a monogram necklace :)


  1. YESSSS! i have been searching for a monogrammed necklace. thanks for the tip, krista!

  2. i love this necklace and i have been searching for a monogrammed necklace. what size chain did you get?

  3. This is great!! I've been looking for a monogrammed necklace as well! Thanks for sharing! And the discount!


  4. Love your blog! Where is the coral and mint necklace from? It's amazing!

  5. Where is the coral and mont necklace from? It's amazing!

  6. Goodness thank you so much for posting this!! I ordered one this afternoon :) I got a 22 inch chain though and now I'm really concerned its gonna be way down in my cleavage since yours is only 16.. Oops. But yay still!!!! -Jessica

  7. crap! i got excited and ordered the monogrammed necklace before reading the end of the post for the discount:/ but thanks for posting it! im so excited to get it in the mail!!!

  8. Krista, you helped me find a deal! Shopping for a Christmas present for my girlfriend. Well done and thanks.

  9. These are super cute and affordable! And they come in a style similar to Eve's addiction!


  10. Monogram Necklace

    Wow great Design of all Necklace. i like it

  11. Thank you Krista for this information. I ordered a silver necklace (1.25 + 16 inch)for my niece and she, and I, both loved it. The shipping was fast and the quality of necklace perfect. I too recommend the supplier. Thanks!!

  12. Thank you I've been searching for a great monogram necklace. Just curious does the color stay on or does it rub off?


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