Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Uh uh uh I workout!

Over the past couple of weeks a lot of you have been emailing me asking about my workout routine! (a huge compliment by the way) But I thought it would be easiest to just post about it, then trying to email it all. I never like to do the same thing twice for a workout because your muscles get used to it, (which is never good) but I do have some favorites that I do about twice a week.

Anyway, lets get started!

I go to the gym 6 days a week (I try to go 7, but Sunday's I work and have Church so the gym is closed by the time I'm done)

Monday: Cardio 50 mins

Tuesday: Cardio 30 mins, Abs, Arms

Wednesday: Cardio 50 mins

Thursday: Cardio 30 mins, Abs, Legs

Friday: Cardio 50 mins

Saturday: Fun class (yoga, pilates, swimming)

M W F as you can see are my cardio days. Cardio is a big part of any workout routine. You can run, walk, step, swim, or anything else that keeps your heart rate up. My favorite is the elliptical:

I have horrible knees and this is the machine with the least resistance, and it's great for the legs! I prefer the ones with the hands because your arms get a little workout in too. 
Time: 50mins
Crossramp: 5
Resistance: 12

Here's the kicker:
Every 5mins change the resistance to 7 and go as fast as you can for a minute. Then back up to 12
 Gets your heart rate up by adding in some intervals! 
(Note: I started out with a resistance much smaller (about 4) and worked my way up to 12!)


I also get VERY bored working out. That's why I love my gym so much! 
They have TV's on every machine so I can watch my shows, games and movies! 
They play movies all day long (a new one every day) and I love it. 
I don't have to deal with commercials, and I get so into the movie I forget I'm working out! 
If your gym doesn't offer this, try bringing your ipod or ipad and watching a movie that way.

Tuesday's and Thursday's I like to mix in some weight lifting with my cardio. So I'll do cardio for 30 min and then it's off to do weights! I switch it up every week but here are some regular favorites:


10lbs dumbbells:
Shoulder press on ball (15x)

Lateral Rise (15x)

Bicep Curl (15x)
Repeat 3x


Knee tucks 10x
Torso Twist (on ball or ground) 50 (25 on each side) 15lb dumbbell

Bosu Ball Crunches... (Not sure the name of this one, my sister showed me it)
You start in a plank position with your bosu ball upside down, then you bring your knee (one at a time) to your stomach. 10 on each leg

Last but not least, v-ups! (old cheer workout) 10x

Repeat 2x


Bosu Ball squats (holding 10lbs dumbbell) 10x

Lunges lunges and more lunges (holding 25lbs each arm- 50lbs total) around the running track 

Lunge kicks 15 each leg
Inner thigh 15 each leg
Reapeat 3x

So there you go, that's my workout! Keep in mind that I workout a lot and didn't just start off doing these exercise. Some of these are advanced and can hurt you if done wrong. So be careful! Start off with little to no weight for some of these, and not as many repetitions as well.

And if you're looking to lose weight, remember it's about 30% working out (20% of that is cardio) and 70% about what you eat

Since this is also a fashion blog, here are a few pictures of what I wear to the gym:
I have two looks: 
Oversized T-shirt and nike shorts as seen here:

 Workout top and capris as seen here:

Also have a heart rate monitor to tell me my heart rate (duh), time and how many calories I've burned!

 And remember: no one looks good at the gym! The people who do aren't working out hard enough!
After a cardio day.. sweaty!
Now I'm not quite sure how to introduce either of these two videos, but make sure you watch them. I don't usually film people at the gym, but these are super special cases. 


This for an hour:

How am I supposed to focus on my movie?

What do you love to do for workout? I'd love to hear!


  1. Good lord, that girl running on the tread mill is going to seriously hurt herself, ha! She looks like Phoebe (Friends) when she & Rachel run in the a total spaz!

  2. HAHAHAHA i'm sorry i spit out my diet coke watching that girl on the treadmill. that is hilarious. this is a great post, by the way!

  3. Those videos are great! Thanks for sharing your workouts!

  4. HAHAHHAA I usually don't do the cheesy laughing but that was hilarious...the things you find at the gym. I bet the girl on the treadmill was just walking to the beat... and the other one is just..HAHAHHA. poor things.
    Thanks for the post!

  5. Hmm, those videos can help out those people who plan to work out now. I mean, being strut and proud of yourself at the gym is something, but working harder, and always at your best is something different. Both are special scenes people can see at the gym. Imagine how these women manage to inspire people. Did you take those videos at the same day?


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