Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I Wore: Work

Here's my outfit for work today! I love mixing prints and textures. It makes the outfit different, but still very trendy! I'm just all sorts of stylish today: polka dots and lace done right. Check it out:


Top: H&M (recent) last seen here and here//Skirt: Francesca's (old) last seen here//Shoes: Jack Rogers//Arm Candy: BlueTique (bangles), H&M pearls and gold mix//Necklace: A Cut Above Boutique (see below)
So the other day I stumbled upon this cute little boutique! I checked them out and found the blue necklace above. I imediatly fell IN LOVE because I've been lusting over the same necklace at J. Crew but don't have $150 to spend!

J. Crew (on left) Found here: $150
A Cut Above (on right) Found here: $38

WHAT A STEAL! I know it's not exactly the same, but for that big of a difference, I'll take it! So I ordered it and got a special little gift as well:
How cute right? I'll defiantly be back. Everyone go check them out!

Hope you're enjoying this wonderful day! 
I have a date later, be sure to check out instagram for pictures :)


  1. SO cute! and i am so excited cause i found those same necklaces on EBAY! for like $10-$15. i haven't ordered one yet but i want to!

  2. as always, your outfit is ADORABLE. I love it!


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