Thursday, April 5, 2012


It's that time of the year! Opening day at Keeneland is tomorrow!!! As if winning the championship wasn't enough of a party.

Living in Lexington you learn to love horses. It's a big part of what Kentucky is known for. Keeneland is our local race track and for college students it's a huge social gathering. Girls dress up in heels and their nicest dresses, while boys are in their suits and bow ties. It's the definition of southern living. Dressing up, horses, betting, and bourbon! If you ever get the chance, make a trip down and go to Keeneland. It will be something you'll never forget!

Keeneland season is upon us, which means so is Keeneland dress shopping is as well! You always want to wear bright spring dresses that are dressy, yet on the casual side. A popular style of dresses are Lilly Pulitzer! Looking around you see either Lilly or dresses from local boutiques in the area. With boutiques you are sure to be wearing a one of a kind dress. Here are some photos of friends and I in the past:

So tomorrow at 11 I will pick out my best dress, matching heels and the best jewelry! 
Make sure to follow me on istagram (@kristalinn14) and twitter (@kristalinn14) for photos and updates before I can make it back to the blog!

Can't wait till tomorrow! T-minus 12 hours


  1. I made the blog! :D love the post! hope everything's going well!

  2. You look amazing in all of these! Where'd you get that peachy dress with the pearls on the shoulder? It's adorable

    1. Thank you!! I got it at a local boutique about a year ago!


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