Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday Fun

Friday was a day full of Keeneland and cookouts! It was a pretty great day. Here are some pictures:

 A on the left and M on the right!
Then me and N:

 My outfit for the day:
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (old)//Shoes: Gianni Bini (old)

 Then it was off to the cookout at L's farm! Outfit number two:
Dress: BlueTique//Shoes: DSW//Watch: MK

 None of us look good.. Which makes this a great picture:

Had to change out of the dress to do this:

 Had a little high school graduation photo shoot?

Here's another look at the day!

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  1. New follower!! Question about your green and pink dress! I saw you listed it as BlueTique is that the brand of the dress or a store I have never heard of? Another blogger Danielle aka Just Dandy blog showed a picture of her in the same dress, but she never really writes back as to where she buys her dresses from!! So I was just wondering where that dress was from? my email is Write if you can! I really love that dress~ I'm getting married in Hawaii and trying desperately to stock up on dresses for our Hawaii adventure!

    1. It's from BlueTique, but the brand is called peppermint. Here's a link to the dress for you :) Tobi is a great cite!

      Congrats on getting married! I desperately want to go to Hawaii, so I'm super jealous! Have a great time :)


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