Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Sorry I've been MIA but what a weekend it has been! If you don't know by now, Kentucky beat IU and Baylor and are now going to NOLA for the final four!!! Also, if you didn't know, we're playing Loserville... I'm sorry I mean Louisville! How crazy right? HUGE instate rivalry.

I had a great weekend in Atlanta again with my sister! I love it down there. But now its back to reality and I'll be in Lexington for a while! Here are lots of pictures from my weekend:

Day 1: IU game:

Anthony Davis fathead


 My outfit:
Day 2: Relaxing day and then a night out! We went to this bar called Flip Flops in Midtown (check it out if you're ever there) and the bar is actually owned by Ace from the Real World! Its such a fun place. Here are pictures from the night:

Blurry :(
Two big sports reporters in KY! (check out
 Also got to meet Dunbar! Best part of the night
Dunbar from the Real World
 Here's my outfit:
Dress: K la (boutique)//Shoes: Last seen here//

Day 3: Baylor Game

 We won!!

Top: Everly (last seen here) found here//Shorts: Ralph Lauren (old)//Shoes: Rainbows//Purse: Forever21 (old)

So again, sorry for being MIA this weekend! I'm back so they'll be regular again. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

ps: Love all the wonderful emails from you all. It warms my heart to hear the kind words!
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