Thursday, February 2, 2012

What I wore: Class

Last day of class this week! In a few hours (4 to be exact, but who's counting) I will be embarking on my weekely 4 day weekend! What a hard life right? This week has been and will be unusually warm-- lucky us. Yesterday was in the 60's and today will be in the 50's. Since I spend most of my day inside, I decided to dress for warm weather, but nothing along the lines of shorts and sandals. My very pale white legs are screaming "it's to soon!" A simple shirt, scarf, jeans and a last minute addition of a vest will do it for the day.

Here's the outfit for today:

Jeggings: Flying Monkey

Scarf: Pasmina from BlueTique

Shirt: Forever21- It's longer in the front which I love!

It's time for my close-up

I went outside for just a bit and realized it was a bit chilly. So I added my favorite little black vest!

Vest: North Face (check it out- it's the best!)

Have a great Thursday! 



  1. krista! I love your blog! This is so great! question: where did you get that sideways cross bracelet in your pics? it is too cute!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I miss you! The bracelet is from BlueTique, but you can find more on etsy! Just search "side cross bracelet"

  2. I miss you too! I'm going to be in town Feb. 22 and Feb. 24-26. I want to stop by BlueTique! :D Thanks!


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