Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sale Time!

Everyone knows I'm all about saving money! I'm a girl on a college budget and whenever I can save money, I will. So for me, a good sale is about as exciting as realizing it's Friday. What's even more exciting is sharing it with the world! So now on to the good news...

As you know Worlds Apart is BlueTique's sister store. BlueTique is a store made for a college student's budget. But Worlds Apart (we call it Worlds) is made more for the richer college student and working women. So what I'm really saying is Worlds prices are $$$$$! There stuff is SO cute but way out of my price range. They sell a lot of designer clothing ranging from $30-$300. Now here's the best part! They're having a sale. Want to know what's even better?! Nothing is over $20! (Trust me I tagged them all) and it's all at the warehouse (at Lexington Green on the right side of artique)!

Here are the stickers used to price the clothes! Everything in the store has one of these stickers!

We're going to promote the sale starting Friday, but if you go into the warehouse now, you will still get the sale price!! So if you want to beat the crowd and have a good selection, go before the weekend hits. There are $300 dresses for $20 so make sure you at least stop by and check it out!

Here are a few pictures I found online of clothes I remember at the warehouse!!

There are a TON more clothes there, so I hope to see you all can be able to go! 
You wont want to miss out!

xx Krista Linn

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