Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I wore: Monday

First off, sorry for not posting yesterday! It was a busy day. Monday's are like my Sunday's. Since I don't have classes until Tuesday, Mondays are the day to get everything done. But I did still take pictures of my outfit from yesterday. I wasn't quite sure how to classify the day since I did so many things, so I decided to call it "Monday"

Started off at Bluetique and made some phone calls that I didn't have time to make at work on Sunday. Then it was off to go to Kroger and get food for my new food plan! After that I went to Worlds Apart (the big sister store of BlueTique) to tag clothes for the sale!!! I will talk about that more later- so check back. It's going to be big. And I did that for the next 4 hours.... yes 4 hours. At least I get paid for it! After that it was the usual workout, dinner and studying, so here's the outfit for the day :)

Dresses and cowboy boots are my favorite combination, ever!! It's so girly, cute, southern, and easy to do!
Lace dress from Calypso 
Another great necklace from my mom!

See through lace arms. Notice the triangle edges, super fun!

Grey cowboy boots from Calypso

I'll do another post about nail polish, but as a quick side note, I love changing my nail polish every week! This week I'm trying something new. Painting one nail a different color. This week all nine fingers are green and my left hand pointer finger is pink. So far I love it!

xx Krista Linn

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