Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Style: Blazers

Okay, let's just get it out in the open. I love a lot of things. I find myself always saying "Oh, I love this!" and "I love that!" But I'm serious about it all. I just love clothes, plain and simple. They're the best part of my day and there are so many things you can create with clothes. I just love them!

So this post wont be any different. Except today, I love blazers. They're great to wear for work, going out, running errands, or even class. Just about anything, right? Different colors can make the outfit. Not to mention blazers are very in right now.

Little did I know, I was way ahead of the curve! Freshman year I bought my first black blazer from Arden B. I thought it was so classy and so cute to pair with a white tank, jeans and heels! (here's a little throwback picture of me and my big from freshman year)

Since then, my collection has grown (of course). But before I show you my blazers, I'll show you some inspiration pictures that really got me started.

All different colors, all different ways to wear them! 

Now here are my blazers:

(left to right)
White Blazer: Macy's (studs on the sleeves- how fun!)
Black Blazer: Arden B
Brown Blazer: Michael Kors

Green Blazer: Forever21
Navy Blazer: Michael Kors (perfect fit!)

And for the finale: 

The last three are my favorite blazers. They're light weight and honestly perfect! They're all from H&M. They have a TON of different colors and they're usually around $24! H&M doesn't really have a good shopping website online, so I just suggest going to the store near you and buying these. Out of all the blazers I've seen and own, H&M really have my heart.

This post is for one of my littles, M. She keeps saying she wants colored blazers that aren't very heavy. And I keep telling her H&M. Then she asks again, I tell her again. Then she'll post it online and I'll comment with H&M. Maybe one of these days she'll learn? Hopefully. Until then, go to H&M.

xx Krista Linn


  1. Thanks for the mention, big. :) I'm currently en route to H&M...kthxbye :)


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