Friday, January 27, 2012

What I wore: Dress Up and Dress Down

Today was yet another day of running errands. Had to go into BlueTique and take pictures for the new pinterest page (post below) then I was off to set up for tomorrow's sale! There's lots of good stuff- I even have some things already on hold (oops). It's just the perks of working this event tomorrow! I'll be sure to snag some pictures of the madhouse that's going to be tomorrow. 

I was trying on clothes today at work so I wore the a dress since it's so easy to slip on and off. I didn't realize it was freezing though! Burrr. Pairing a dress with cowboy boots is one of my favorite looks ever!
The whole outfit (dress and boots) is from Francesca's

Bows! How cute right?!

Flow-y sleeves are the best

Sheer Sleeves as well!

After everything was done, it was off to the gym again to meet with my new trainer! I thought since I go to the gym everyday, I'd show you what I usually wear! Very simple and easy. Tshirt, nike shorts (one of many) socks and sneakers! Isn't it ironic that it's all green?


Don't ask me why I like tall black socks, I just do

Now go workout!

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