Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sale Day!

Wow, what a day! Woke up at 730 to get set up before the sale started. I'll say it was a HUGE advantage working the sale! I got to personally shop each store and before anyone else! No waiting in line, no dealing with crazy shoppers and no lines in the dressing room. It was great! I got some wonderful deals and I can't wait to show them off! 

But first, let's talk about this sale! I believed them when they said it was going to be crazy, but wow! There were over 1,000 people there- the line literally never stopped. I'm surprised there were any clothes left. Here are a few pictures I snagged when I actually had a second!

View from our booth
Across the way

Countdown begins! In 3.. 2.. 1!

They ran in!

Mid after-math

Now here's what I wore for toady. Wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to move around in! Sweater, leggings, and boots!

Jacket: (Old) Vineyard Vines 

Fun Inside!

Oversized Sweater (Old): H&M
 Fun leggings that are shinny! It adds a little something different to the outfit.

Leggings: Forever21

So who's ready to see the things I bought?! Ahhhh I love them all :) We'll start off with my FAVORITE thing!

This Bella Rose skirt! I died when I saw the colors! I NEEDED to have it- and now it's mine!

Smith Skirt Originally: $162 Sale: $50

Dresses from Worlds Apart (Bluetique's sister store)

Charlie Jade dress Originally: $177 Sale: $24

Charlie Jade dress Originally: $154 Sale: $30
And how good of a little sister am I?! Got this dress for my sister! I wanted it for myself, but this dress literally defines her style. Simple, neutral color, shift sleeveless dress, and appropriate for work!

C Luce Dress Originally: $75 Sale: $16 (steal of the day!)
I also snagged this dress, but I forgot to grab it from Worlds before I left! Good thing I work there- already have it on hold for when I come in. This dress fit me like a glove! And I'm obsessed with the back. Take a look:

Judith March Dress Originally: $110 Sale: $24
Can be found here

Thanks to everyone who came out today!
Now it's time for bed.. this day has worn me out.


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