Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things I love: Seafoam Green Pants

The new thing this season: colored pants! 
Even bigger thing for spring: Seafoam! 

I've always loved jeans. I have over about 20 pairs of jeans. (I went on this buying rampage) I fell in love with True Religion, Joes, Citizen, and Seven's. But this was all in high school, and this was all before the best invention ever: jeggings. For those who don't know, jeggings are a combination of jeans and leggings. Therefore we get the name jegginings! They look just like jeans, come in all sorts of colors and styles, but you can do high kicks and splits without ripping your jeans! (It's happened before.. RIP my fav Citizen for Humanity jeans) 

But back to these jeans! We sell THE BEST jeggings at BlueTique. They're called Flying Monkey jeans. We have them in about every color, and everyone who owns a pair has come back to get more. I promise you I will never love another pair of jeggings/jeans/leggings as much as I love my Flying Monkeys! So try out a pair. You'll fall in love :)

I told my mom this a while ago, but seafoam green and mint are going to be huge colors this spring! 
These seafoam pants surprisingly go with a lot of things. It spices up any boring outfit. 
Brings color into your winter. Who says spring can't come in January?

Messing around with "John Wall" glasses at work.. trying to be a hipster?
Even green on green! 



  1. I love those jeggings! How can I order pairs from Bluetique? Thanks! :) Your blog is pretty amazing!

    1. Email me at and we'll get you set up with whatever you need!! And thank you :) I'm glad you enjoy the blog!!

  2. I'm looking for a lighter shade like the model in the 2nd photo. Do you carry those as well?


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