Sunday, January 22, 2012

Must Have: Lace Skirt

After Pinning a couple of these skirts and shorts, I found myself on the HUNT for a lace skirt. 


I'm all about some skirts! It's an added bonus that it gets to be lace. A while ago (right when I got the job at BlueTique) there was this lace bow skirt that I bought because I love bows. I just couldn't stay away! This was somehow a "forgotten piece" in my closet because I almost bought another skirt just like this because I saw the pictures on pinterest! Good thing I didn't.... Oh wait

I just bought this lace skirt (below) from Forever21. Forever just opened up at our local mall (finally) in Lexington. After living in Chicago where stores like these are as common as Target, it was weird coming to Lexington not having all my favorite stores! But thankfully, Forever got smart and opened up. Now Urban Outfitters, and H&M, if you could hurry up- I have money to spend! 

But there was a funny story behind this skirt! On my way to checking out, I literally ran into this skirt in the shoe section! Someone had put it there and LEFT IT! (Crazy people) This was the only one in the store, and now it's mine! Wooo! So for now, two lace skirts are enough! Go out and try and find your own! They're the best. Dress up or dress down :)


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