Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wish List Wednesday

Today's wish list Wednesday is all from my favorite jewelry store, BaubleBar! Not only does this place have AH-MAZING stuff, but their whole company is amazing. Seems like such a fun place to work! What is even better is they have a pop up shop in SoHo! Since I just moved to the city, I will have to stop by very soon. Mama needs some new accessories. If you haven't checked it out, make sure you do here. Until then check out my wish list here:


  1. These are all pretty options! I love the various animal bangles...they are so fun!

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  2. These are pretty, but please don’t tell me that with the amount of necklaces you own, you pay full price??? You live in New York now, things are plenty expensive enough! :-)
    Check out this website I recently started going to!!!

    The sales and products change every day, so check daily! They OFTEN have these necklaces and other J.Crew and Banana Rep. Jewelry look-a-likes for under $25!!!!

    Check it out, why pay more?!? :-) Hope you like it.

    1. Buyer be ware, my sister and I have bought from Very Jane and had several experiences of slow shipping (3+ weeks) and even a broken bauble. It depends on the seller, but I haven't been impressed

  3. i love the peony bloom necklace!

  4. the peony bloom necklace is perfect! just followed on bloglovin:)

  5. Wow,very nice necklaces,especially the first one,love it.


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