Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Da ba dee da ba die

It's no surprise that I love the color blue. So this outfit is a favorite of mine! It's also at the top of my list because this romper is perfect for this summer heat. I've lived in the south for a long time but seesh! New York is H-O-T hot! It doesn't really help there isn't any wind because of the buildings... This romper is wonderful because it's breezy, light weight and super cute! Check it out for yourself: 

Romper: Necessary Clothing/Purse: Michael Kors (old)/Shoes: Tory Burch/Sunglasses: Blue Mirror Ray Bans

I'm also pretty happy about these sunglasses. A few of my friends were iffy about them, but I ended up buying them anyway. I love the color and the mirror lens on them. And you can never go wrong with Ray-Ban. They're different and fun, especially for summer! What do you think? Do you like them? And the best part of the sunglasses are pictures like this:

This is the view from my window in the apartment!


  1. Love those sunnies I am going to drop by to my local Nordstrom and see if I can get them! Great romber too :)

  2. Krista I love your romper! What size did you get? I'm afraid I might order too small or too big and we look like we might be the same size so I was curious! :)

  3. The pattern on this romper is so adorable! I love the way you styled it. :)

    xx - Danielle

  4. Love the blue purse! Perfect size and shade! What style is it listed under?



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