Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perfect Summer Wedges

It's summertime and that means I get to break out my wedges! Can I just tell you that wedges are the best form of shoes. They have all positives of heels without the pain. Meaning they make your legs look good, just add a little support for your feet! I recently saved up and splurged on these beauties below:

Steve Madden found here and here

I've also had my eyes on these bad boys (meaning if anyone wants to buy me these, please feel free... size 8) I'm in love! Cue applause 

Kate Spade found here

And a few more pairs that tickle my fancy:

Audrey Brooke found here

Madden Girl found here

What are some of your favorite summer wedges? 


  1. I love wedges too!! They are my favorite because they are so comfy! Love the Steve Madden pair you got...I've been currently searching for the perfect new pair to add to my collection for the summer.

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  2. I'm a fellow wedge lover as well! I'm currently loving the Joie Oceanside ones!



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