Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Not only are we in the midst of college basketball, but baseball has officially started and April marks the month of Keeneland's Spring Meet! As I've talked about before, Keeneland is the local race track here in Lexington and it's a place to go with your friends, get all dressed up and bet on some races. It's only two months out of the year, and April 5th marks the opening day.

Keeneland is the best time because I get to wear those classic dresses that I love and it's a way to see the trends coming up for spring. So I thought this week we could do different options for what to wear!

Keeneland in the spring is all about bright colors and fun sun dresses. Here's a little trip down memory lane from my last spring Keeneland visits!

(my dress)

 Tomorrow we will start with different places to shop!


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  2. Keeneland looks so fabulous, but I'm dying to know what your first post-lent purchase was??

    Love your blog!!
    ♥ Maggie


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