Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lissa Mar

Move over Lilly Pulitzer, Lissa Mar has stolen my heart. I recently was told about this wonderful new brand Lissa Mar. A fellow Lilly lover and good friend Lisa, called me one day and told me I had to check out this new designer she just found. And I'm so thankful she did! The great thing is that Lissa Mar is based in Atlanta (where my sister lives) so I took a trip down to meet the designer, Missy!

I visited the (recently opened) retail store in Buckhead, GA and had such a wonderful time. I was able to meet and get to know Missy and talk to her about her collection. All of the items are inspired by Sea Island, GA and are uniquely shown in each of Missy's designs. What I found out and love about Missy is that she draws her own designs! She is a woman of many talents and I idolize her for it! Not to mention Missy and I are a lot alike! She comes from a baseball family and shares her passion between fashion and the game as well. (Basically she's living my dream life)

What's really great about the line is the fabric! It's SO soft and stretchy! It's the kind that doesn't show sweat, that's form fitting and classic. Very beachy! Take a look at the pictures I snapped at the store:

Of course I couldn't leave without trying some items on! And by some I mean the entire store... My problem was everything looked and fit so well! I had a hard time deciding what my favorites were! Take a look at some of my favorites:

Can wear the bow front or back

Great dress!

One of my favorite parts about Lissa Mar is the sleeves she makes on dresses and jackets! I love the little flare at the elbow. It gives it a different look that's very flirty and feminine. This is my favorite dress. I need to go back and get it for Easter!
I also have a similar dress from Lilly, but Lissa Mar blows that one out of the water! Besides being extremely cute, this dress has STRETCH! It makes it SO comfortable and perfect to wear for really any occasion. Dress it up or dress it down.

Here's another flare item I love... This jacket! Paired it with some fun print pants and it worked so well! together. These colors are just amazing! You'll see more of this outfit later this week :)

Another great thing to add to the list about Lissa Mar is the range of customers that shop here. It really has something for everyone and you can never go wrong with the classic and preppy! It never goes out of style. Also, everything is the appropriate length! Even the pants are super long, which I appreciate! Pair them with wedges and they're perfect for little 5'6 me and what's even better is they'll never shrink into high waters (I'm looking at you Old Navy).

Make sure to check her out online:

So what do you think? Do you love Lissa Mar as much as I do?! Spread the word!


  1. LOVE that white dress! Looks so comfy and flattering! I'm definitely a fan of Lissa Mar.


  2. Oooh, I love that white lace dress! It's gorgeous and the bell sleeves definitely add a fun touch!

    Just found your cute blog! Stop by mine and say hi sometime!

  3. Love the beachy feel to all of the clothing! Soo classy and fun!! You picked some great choices!


  4. What a cute line! I'm loving all the fun bright colors!

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  5. Just FYI, it's in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. Buckhead isn't its own city (even though some residents might want it to be.)

  6. i thought you were supposed be not shopping?

  7. Thanks for introducing us to this designer! Currently perusing the website....love the bright colors and prints!


  8. This all dresses stuff is so awesome... outstanding different colors verity... thanks for introducing superb verity of stylish dresses..


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