Friday, February 22, 2013

Surviving Lent {Link Up}

Today's post is a link up with some of my favorite bloggers! As you know, for Lent I have given up shopping. Well to my surprise Shelby from Glitter and Gingham, Sydney from Summer Wind and Andrea from Tickled Pink has done the same thing! (Great minds think alike)

So I thought I'd put together this support group for our sake as well as a blog link up for you! Today is the first of a few link ups we're going to do, so make sure to check out their blogs and keep following for more posts!

Today is all about how we're surviving Lent. Little tips and tricks of how shopaholics like ourselves are giving up the one thing we love most: shopping. 

Here are five things that I'm doing that keeps me from shopping and could help you cut back as well!

1. Avoid Pinterest
I know, I know. It's crazy. We all love pinterest and I know for me I'm on it all the time. But I always find myself loving a shirt or dress on there, clicking through and wanting to buy. I must stop... for now ;)

2. Keep yourself busy
When I get bored and have some free time, I find myself online shopping or grabbing a friend and heading to the mall. For lent, I just can't do that... It's way to hard! So intend what I do is go workout! It's a win win really. What a better way to spend my time. I usually workout everyday, but times when I'm bored I'll go swimming or do a class at the gym! This way I can look even better for when I can actually buy clothes. 

3. Reorganize your closet
I love finding time to reorganize my closet. It always gets pretty messy so during the process of cleaning I find time to rearrange everything. Doing this I find hidden clothes that I have forgotten about, or something that just has been lost in the shuffle. This way it's like having new clothes! And moving clothes around trick your brain to think it's new. 

4. Unsubscribe from store emails
I don't know about you, but I get around 50 emails a day just from stores! Telling me about some big sale or sending me a coupon to shop. It's like putting bait in front of my face and taunting me! Unsubscribing from emails also lets me de-clutter my inbox. 

5. Borrow your friends clothes!
My friends and I do this all the time. Why not just borrow clothes? That way you have a whole new closet at your fingertips! Lucy knows this well. It becomes a problem when you're the same person... everything fits and we have the same style. So it's something to try with your friends. Free shopping!

Make sure to stop by Shelby, Sydney and Andrea's blog too! What are some of your tips to share that can help us from shopping?


  1. I didn't give up shopping for lent this year, but I love your link up! Your tips are great for anyone who is trying to cut down. Unsubscribing from store emails has been the best course of action for me when it comes to shopping less!

  2. I love your tips! I have really been trying to cut down on Pinterest and one of my friends showed me which is ten times worse since it has all the direct links and prices. But I keep reminding myself that at the end of Lent I will hopefully have a nice new car and an MK watch so the sacrifice now is for my greater good. I am with you on the Store Emails though. I open up my inbox in the morning and its a delete fest.

  3. Those are great tips for avoiding shopping. When I'm away at school it makes it really easy not to go shopping since there isn't a mall close by. Taking a shopping hiatus is a great way to get creative with the clothing that you already own and mix it up bit!


  4. Ohhhh stay of Pinterest is a HUGE one... I am always tempted when I end up on Pinterest!

  5. With spring break approaching, would you do a post about swimsuits and cover ups?


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