Thursday, January 31, 2013


Alright, here it is! My first video blog post. Let me know what you think (please be honest) and maybe if it works we can start this to be a once a week thing?? Please know that I'm super awkward and try to be funny when I'm nervous (so basically this whole video). Next time wont be so awkward, promise! But it's a learning process. Here we go!

Here's a link to my channel:
(as mentioned) Here's a link to Sarah's channel:
twitter & instagram: @kristalinn14

Hope you enjoy :)


  1. It's always fun seeing the blogger in (semi) real life through vlogs!! I thought you did a great job and you really are funny! Have you thought about using your DSLR to film? That might be something to look into if you decide to do vlogs a lot!

  2. Krista this is adorable! You did such a great job and you are really funny!

    PS I love sarahbelle too!

    - Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

  3. Love your first video!!! I've been wanting to try out vlogging for a while too! You should definitely keep making videos and add in a lot of style ones :)


  4. Definitely keep it up, Krista!! You're so cute and did a fantastic job :)


  5. I've started to do a video post like 3 times and keep psyching myself out!! I'm so proud of you for following through! You did a great job - it was fun to see your personality! You really are funny, btw!

    Also, this Lexington weather does such so enjoy your time in SC!

    xo, Jordan

  6. I just saw your first video and you did great! you are too funny and we should be friends lol seriously though! :) love your blog!

  7. Keep doing these! I love Sara Belle (how I got introduced to your blog), and I think you could go far because you're honest (about not knowing what you're doing/being awkward) and real and that's what people like to see :) That's what I like about Sarah's video's as well. She's not trying to come across as this super perfect girl.
    xx Allie

  8. I love this! I am also a blogger ( and started to make youtube videos last year. They are so much fun and I think they really add to a blog! You are doing a great job so far!



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