Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stella & Dot: Laurie's Favorite Pieces

While Krista is living it up in Europe, she has asked me to do a guest post. She loves her followers so much she didn't want anyone to get bored (she really is the best!)

You may remember the Stella & Dot giveaway on the blog at the beginning of November, well this time I am back to share my favorite pieces with you! 

If any of you have some money to spend from Christmas or are a little late and still need to buy a few gifts, here are some great ideas. Stella & Dot items come wrapped and ready to gift if you so choose. 

This beautiful necklace is a great gold and brass piece that can be worn more than one way! When I first got this piece I loved the length, but then I decided I wanted it to be shorter as well. Well, you can wrap the chain around (and through the pendant) twice to make it a shorter statement necklace. It is a must have! 

I wear this bracelet at least 3 times a week! It is so easy to put on with any outfit and is great for small wrists. It comes in gold and silver so you can pick which you prefer! Because it is one continual bracelet that wraps, it is the perfect size for everyone! It is a great addition to any arm party! 

These cute earrings come in black or orange. I love the simplicity of these studs and the orange wants are such a perfect pop of color. Stella & Dot ( earrings are great quality (like all the products) but these are relatively cheap earrings that would be perfect for anyone! 

One thing I love about several Stella & Dot rings is that you can size them yourselves. This is one of those rings! You can put it on any finger you want and size it accordingly! Isn't that great? You won't regret this purchase!

If you have any questions or comments about Stella & Dot, don't hesitate to ask!

(Guess who made this amazing image?? You guessed it, the Southern Shopaholic herself!) 

Twitter: @laurielizsmith

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  1. There are great new pieces out now! You will not want to miss the 2013 collection.


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