Thursday, December 13, 2012

Updated Closet

I first posted about my closet when I started the blog. Just like always, my closet is changing all the time. Not just how I organize it, but the clothes inside.

Since that post, I've redone my closet (a lot). Here's some pictures...

And then this is what happens overtime, after I travel and after playing dress up....


Every once and a while I'll get bored and find extra time on my hands and reorganize my closet. And let me tell you how much fun it is! I get this weird joy by redoing it. Half the fun is seeing all your clothes again and getting new ideas for different outfits. Reorganizing my closet and putting clothes in different spots makes it seem like all new clothes! I don't know... maybe I'm just weird. 

With that being said, here is my closet that I redid this week!

 Tops organized long sleeve and color coordinated, short sleeve/tank top color coordinated 

 Boots and shoes I wear the most, T-shirts folded and color coordinated 

jeans color coordinated 

dresses by sleeve length (not color coordinated and it drives me crazy!)
What do you suggest so it doesn't look so messy?

skirts then shorts color coordinated (see a trend?), heels/wedges below   

and then trying to get a picture of it all...

Wah lah! Conclusion? 
I need a bigger closet and more hangers.... or less clothes. But lets go for option 1


  1. omgggggg this is crayyyyyyy
    but i like it :)

  2. i wish i could go shopping in your closet! or just take your closet ;)

  3. i always color coordinate my clothes. for my dresses, i go by color and then in that color i sort by sleeve length. i also sort if it is solid and pattern.

  4. Great use of space! So jealous of your closet! Looks like you've got lovely things!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do one shoe facing forward and the other one facing out? Any reason you do this with your shoes? LOL

    You have enough clothes for a small army! I think I own maybe 4 sweatshirts total! I don't like when clothes are hung by color, how does one ever find anything?!?! I hang mine the same way, by sleeve style!


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