Monday, December 31, 2012

Lex What Wear: New Years Countdown

The highly celebrated evening is almost here and, thankfully, Krista is letting me step in and share my top 10 NYE fashion must-haves. We will be counting down with my top picks for clothing and accessories for the special evening.

But before I start, let me introduce myself to all you fabulous Serious Southern Shopaholic readers. I'm a Kentucky girl with a passion for fashion and a tendency to want to tell the world about it. I embraced the title of blog editor once I realized I needed a serious outlet for my fashion addiction. P.S. - You can check out all of my fashion tips, tricks, and ideas at, a style-spotting blog in Lexington. Plus, stay-tuned for my big move to New York City in January!

After meeting Krista, I fell in love with her blog and seized on an opportunity to post for her while she is off having the time of her life in Europe. We hope you are having an amazing and inspiring time across the pond, and cheers to a new year and 365 more days of fashion and blogging!

Let the countdown begin: 

HAPPY New Year's 2013!

XOXO - Alex


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