Thursday, December 20, 2012

College through Video

I from time to time find myself bored and looking for fun things to do. It usually hits when I get home and reminisce about how much I want to be back at school. Well, freshman year I made this video of my friends and I. The video was made up of other videos that I had filmed when we were out, bored, or just being stupid... I mean that's what normal people do, right? I just thought it would be fun to have that we could all look back on later down the road. To just remember how much fun we really had and how stupid we were to ever want to leave. I graduate in 5 months and I'm already begging to go back and do it all again.

Would I do it all the same? Absolutely. 

Here's the first video I made of freshman year:

Well this was a big hit and I found my niche! I loved making these videos! So after freshman year ended, I made a video of my second semester freshman year:

And this leads us to present day. When I first made these videos I thought to myself: HEY! I'm going to do this every semester! Well, young Krista didn't realize how many videos I really needed to make something like this. I mean you have 3-8 seconds for each clip and you need enough to make a 6-8 minute movie. So the video idea kind of faded away... until now.

I've secretly been videoing random events over the past 4 years. Just little bits here and there. My friends of course always thinking I'm weird for recording drunk people in bars or of us singing our favorite song in the car. Well friends, not so weird now am I?! You'll be thanking me one day for making this and remembering how much you really love my weirdness. 

So I've made this video during my time home before I leave for London. I've collected all my videos from the past four years and I've complied them into a 6:36 movie. You should defiantly check it out, it's fun to watch... and I'm pretty good at making movies. You can check out all of my videos on my youtube channels (yes I have multiple.. why? I don't know) here and here

Watch out Spielberg, I'm coming for ya 


  1. haha these are awesome! i wish i had videos like this when i was in college!

  2. i love these! :D i remember seeing the first one! Miss yoU!


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