Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Year in Review: Instagram

{To start, Happy not end of the world!}

Ahh Instagram, my love (minus the recent problems) you've been oh so good to me. It's our one year anniversary (December 23rd) and I'd thought I'd say thank you...

As you all know, I love me some instagram! I check it all day, every day. It's better than facebook and I use it more than twitter. Since it's my one year, I thought I'd check and share some stats with y'all! There's this great site I found online called statigram and it's actually pretty awesome! It takes some time, but it give you some great insight and stats about your profile! Here's mine:

S/o to my friends with blogs! Molly and Lucy!

How fun right?! Here are some of my other favorite pictures posted!

Kip Moore!


21st Birthday!

Aruba with my sister :)

My #1! A cold beer on a hot day watching baseball. Took the picture myself. Pretty impressed

My Lilly!

Oh how the collection has grown!
So if you aren't already, head on over to instagram and follow me! @kristalinn14


  1. Ah yes... Instagram was pretty much an immediate addiction for me. I'll definitely have to look you up! I love all the necklaces. I'm the OCD, color-coordinate the clothes in my closet kind of person, so I love how they're all organized! haha! Have a merry Christmas!


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