Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Weekend: Florida

This past weekend I spent my time in Florida! It was awesome to get away for the weekend and be somewhere warm and sunny. Even though it was a little chilly being so close to the beach- all the wind! I for sure broke out the white pants, but sadly forgot to take a picture. Anyways, check out my weekend:

The view from the room:

I loved this mirror and decided I needed on for the apartment! It was huge!

A beautiful sunset

A few friends:

And here's the most exciting thing about the weekend!! It has always been on my bucket list to swim with Dolphins. AND I GOT TO DO IT!!!! It was SO much fun

Can't you see the pure joy on my face?

And of course, I came back to reality and started on the two pages due today. But I'm off again! I'll be in Atlanta for the UK v. Duke game with my sister and friends till Wednesday. GO CATS!

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