Monday, November 5, 2012

Giveaway: Wristology

Last week I posted about this awesome watch company called Wristology! Well, they have teamed up with Southern Shopaholic and are hosting this weeks giveaway! Yay! The prize up for grabs? A FREE watch. Boo-yah! You can't say no to that. Check out how I wear mine:

Here are all the watches from the "Alex" collection:



They've also provided all readers with a 15% code: Southern15. The giveaway starts today and ends Sunday!

As always, you NEED to be follow the blog through google connect (on right hand side under followers) to enter!

The winner for the Frat Collection Giveaway is Christianna Novakovic! You have been emailed :) Thanks for everyone who entered!


  1. YESSSS! i was secretly hoping you'd be doing a giveaway!! wahoo!

  2. yes!! these watches are gorgeous!! :)

  3. I need that watch and everything else on this entire blog.


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