Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gameday Attire: Kentucky Tailgating

One of the VERY best thing about being in college in the fall is football season. But here at Kentucky, we don't have "football" season, instead: Tailgate Season. Why you might ask? Because our football team isn't the best (putting it in a nice way). And we're a HUGE basketball college (for obvious reasons- #1 baby!)

As most of you know, Kentucky is part of the SEC (Southeastern Conference) and here in the SEC we take football and tailgating very seriously. Meaning we dress up! Bring out the boots, skirts and gameday dresses! It's time to tailgate.

All year round (the smart) girls are always buying blue things for gameday. Blue shorts, skirts, dresses, scarfs, pants, jackets- anything! Trust me when I say there is not a single girl at Kentucky that doesn't see something blue and immediately think how cute it would be for tailgating. (Orrrr maybe that's just me...)

Over the past four years here (wow time has flown by!) I've accumulated quite the collection of blue clothes. It also really helps working at BlueTique where we sell a TON of blue stuff! Each year (I'd like to think) my tailgating attire has grown and matured, and I think I finally have it down to a science. Our first home game is this Saturday and I'm ready! 

I wanted to do a post on this to help show and create ideas for different outfits to wear to tailgate in! It's rather simple when you think about it, but until someone shows you- you'd never know! So here we go...

All of these outfits are for warmer weather (will do a colder weather one when it comes time). 
Here are some rules (that I made up of course) for when it comes to tailgating:

If it's in between weather, throw on a scarf! Oh heck, throw on a scarf all the time! (I love scarfs)
Always wear your boots! Boots (for me at least) are ESSENTIAL for tailgating
DO NOT wear a jersey! I hate those dang things. Leave them for basketball
Wear red and expect to get beat up, all day everyday. Simple as that
Find jewelry in your school colors! (This is where the bubble necklaces are handy)

The first outfit is a favorite of mine. Who doesn't love scallops! Just a simple white tank, blue shorts and a blue necklace. (Tank and shorts from BlueTique, Necklace from A Cut Above)

The next outfit is one that repeats every year. I usually wear this to our first home game, or our biggest game of the season. It's such a bold outfit that screams "I'M HERE, I LOOK GOOD, LET'S TAILGATE!" (Well to me it does at least). This skirt was such an investment that I'm glad I bought. The skirt is from Pennington and Bailes and they make a ton of different schools! This skirt comes in blue and seersucker as well that I've been eyeing for a while of course! The tank is just a simple form fitted tank. The scarf just adds more blue to the outfit!

Here is this wonderful skirt again! Can you tell I love it? As you can see, it looks great with a white or blue tank! This outfit was just to show you how versatile the skirt is.

The next outfit was one I actually saw my freshman year. A girl had this wonderful gold and white J. Crew skirt on with a royal blue shirt, and I fell in love. I finally found this skirt at a local consignment store this past summer and of course I HAD to get it! I'm excited to wear this during the season. Who would have thought the colors would look so great together!

This outfit is breaking some rules with the seersucker, but I just can't resist! I love seersucker and nothing says preppy and southern quite like seersucker does. Pairing it with a simple white tank is a great casual look, and of course adding a scarf brings more blue! I've worn this skirt in the past with a blue shirt and it looks just as cute! This skirt is from Ralph Lauren a while back. A huge staple in my closet!

And you can make it extra cute by adding a blue sash to it :)

These next two pictures are just showing you that you're able to add a blue jacket, blazer or cardigan to any outfit if it's getting colder! You can also add white and black as well.

Now we're on to the dresses. For tailgating, make sure they're sun dresses and nothing too dressy!

The first is a short sleeve Everly zig zag dress from BlueTique. I threw on this dress to show that you don't have to have only blue dresses! This is black and white and all you have to do is add a scarf, big necklace, or sash to have some blue in the outfit. This dress can be worn to really any college and all you'd have to add is the main color in some way! That's why black, white and black/white dresses are always so helpful. It's like a clean palette to decorate on!

The next three outfits are just dresses that are Kentucky's school colors. Dresses aren't as fun to show off because it's just simply one piece of clothing. But I am showing, you can always add a scarf, or sash :)!

And wah-la! There you go! Outfits for the warm games of the season!

If you didn't notice, I wore the same boots in all the posts. I talked about this a little before as well, but boots are essential for tailgating! There are drunk people spilling drinks, making mud and dirt go everywhere, and there are always a ton of people! You don't want your toes to get stepped on, dirty or sticky before the game. How uncomfortable! And plus cowboy boots are SUPER cute for a southern girl at tailgate. 

BUT be careful on what boots you wear, because THEY WILL GET RUINED. I opted for a cheap pair of boots freshman year and they are specifically for tailgates! These bad boys are from Rack Room Shoes but there are also some cute (and cheaper) ones right now at Target! So get on it before they're gone.

As always, if you have any questions or wonderful comments, make sure to leave them below!

Check back tomorrow for more gameday shopping!


  1. LOVE TAILGATE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The dresses are beautiful! Where can you find those dresses? I know you mentioned where the first was from, but what about the rest? Also, where is your scarf from? It doesn't look destroyed from being embroidered with your monogram.

  3. Love these ideas, I would just add some orange... {cough cough} :]

  4. I have been following your blog for some time, and I didn't realize you were at UK! How exciting! I'm from Kentucky, and I love your gameday outfit ideas. GO BIG BLUE!!!

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  6. I have the Pennington & Bailes skirt (for LSU, of course.) and I love how you paired it! Definitely doing something similar next home game.

  7. Greetings, I love your blog. This is a cool site and I wanted to post a little note to tell you, good job.

  8. In love with the scalloped shorts! So cute! Can't believe Fall is just around the corner!

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