Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Must Haves: #3 Quitled Jacket

3. Quilted Jackets

As we end, we find ourselves at quilted jackets. Quilted jackets are a huge staple for my fall wardrobe. They're such a cute way to dress warm! For me, these jackets just scream preppy and I love every bit of them. I have 3 jackets that I switch in between, all three are different lengths so I can chose which one I want to wear for each occasion. I have two from Vineyard Vines that I've bought over the past couple of years that have been there for me through and through. The other is from Ralph Lauren outlet that I got last Christmas that is quickly becoming a favorite. I love these jackets because they're classy and dressy, but you're also able to wear them to more casual functions as well. I wear them out to dinner and Keeneland, but also to class and tailgates. If you don't have a quilted jacket, I think it's time to invest! Take a look:

Short Ralph Lauren:

Mid Vineyard Vines:

Long Vineyard Vines:

Places to Shop (limited findings because they're not out yet!):
The North Face
Land's End


  1. I love the Ralph Lauren! Quilted jackets are so gorgeous.

  2. Love them!!!! Erica


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