Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Style: Maxi Layering

I'm not quite sure why, but warmer weather brings longer dresses. I'm talking about the maxi. The maxi dress, I found, looks good on some, great on others, and horrible on most. They usually fall in the worst way and make everything look bigger. But if you find a really great maxi, it can do wonders.

I've tried on plenty of maxi's in my day, only finding one that I couldn't live without. This one was from Macy's a couple years ago. The fabric is OH so soft! I don't know what makes this maxi different than the rest, but it's one of my favorite dresses!

Now on to the good part! The other day for work was our busiest day of our two years!! Everything was half off and people went crazy! Anyway, I wanted to wear something comfortable and moveable that I wouldn't have to mess with for the day. I've been seeing pictures on pinterest lately of shirts over maxi dresses. Everyone loves a little layering, so why not layer a dress!

So that's exactly what I did. I was going to put a denim button up over it, but instead found a little lace number that worked perfectly! It's a little different than my normal style, but I really loved the outfit and will wear it again! Here are some pictures:

Dress: Kensie (old) Last seen here//Lace Top: Victoria Secret (old)//Watch: Target//Shoes: Jack Rogers
What do you think? It's super different, but awesome right? I'm now on the look out for other maxi's.. wish me luck!

I also got this baller new watch:
You'll NEVER guess where it's from!! 

..TARGET. (gasp) I know right?? It was only $20! I'm in love

As a super side note, today is the first day of May! That means the countdown has officially BEGUN. For those who don't know my birthday is May 6th! So 5 days till I turn 21
Eeekkk! So crazy, where has the time gone?! This weekend will be one for the record books:
Friday: Last day of the school year
Saturday: Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo
Sunday: Birthday!!!!!!!
Monday: drive to Atlanta
Tuesday: ARUBA!!

yes how INSANE!!! My sister for my birthday is taking me to Aruba for the week! How awesome is she right? To say the least I'm pretty excited for this weekend and the following week. I can barely contain my excitement! Until then, I have finals to worry about.



  2. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  3. Happy Birthday month!!! My birthday isn't until May 27th but I'm convinced we're allowed to celebrate all month long. Have a great time in Aruba!

  4. i LOVE love love love love that maxi and lace layering look! i would NEVER think to do that. i love it! also happy almost birthday!


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